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S varies directly as m and inversely as the square of b

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As with direct variation, the inverse variation may involve an N th power written as y = and read as: n k x a.) y varies inversely as the N th power of x. b.) y is inversely proportional to the N th power of x. Example 3: A gas law states that the volume of an enclosed gas varies directly to the temperature and inversely as the pressure. The pressure of a gas is 0.75 kg/cm2 when the.

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8. The force, F newtons, needed to stop a train varies as the square of the speed, S kmph, of the train and inversely as the stopping distance, D metres. (a) Write down an expression connecting F, S and D. (b) What happens to F if S is multiplied by 4 and D stays the same? 9. The electrical resistance, R, of copper wire varies directly as its.

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Use k as the constant of variation. 1. R varies directly as t and inversely as w. R = kt / w 2. S varies directly as m and inversely as the square of b. S = km / b² 3. T varies directly as the square of v and inversely as z. T = kv² / z 4.. . "/>.

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